ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY 2018-01-04T12:14:55+00:00

4d Interiors are fully committed to operating in a socially responsible manner. This is reflected by the commitment of the Directors and the company’s brand values, and is supported by a robust set of policies and procedures.

4d Interiors are committed to minimising any adverse effects of its activities on the environment, to continuously improving its environmental performance and participating in the industry commitment towards achieving sustainable development.

Our environmental policy requires that each of our manufacturers:

  • Provide information and services to enable the proper use and disposal of products
  • Promote products with low environmental impact wherever possible
  • Comply with local environmental legislation and regulations
  • Aim to use raw materials and energy efficiently and sparingly
  • Encourage and support our material suppliers and sub-contractors in improving their environmental performance
  • Identify key environmental impacts associated with the company’s business, and work towards reducing these